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Hello my name is Marcus Levi Forde, I was born on November 5th 1997 and am currently 16 years of age at the time of writing this. I am an active student at Bayside Highschool coming into my Junior Year. My first educational experience was at a Pre-School called Future Leaders. From there I took off and eventually found myself in elementary school where I developed a strong intrest for writing and creative projects. As time went on I found that I was spending tons of time writing short stories and graphic novels, although, I wasn't very good with illustrations. By the time I was in 7th grade I had won awards for my creative talent and even went on to be named as a possible future author.

In school i excel at writing and creative projects and also took a strong liking for my english, history, and science classes, all of which I am good at. After school I involve myself in the school track team and similar athletic activities. On Thursdays I attend a salsa dance studio where I have classes from five to six. On Fridays and half days I like to relax with friends before my long commute home. Because I dont live remotely close to anyone, I usually take full advantage of any time given to me to do so.

At an early age I also developed a taste for video games. To me, video games are an interactive experience very similar to a story or a movie that takes the reader, or in this case the player through a series of events while crafting an interesting and dynamic story that usually comes to a satisfying conclusion. I also love the thrill of being invested into the story as I control the main protagonist, or in some cases the antihero, and watching these events unfold. Some of my favorite games include Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty, and most RPG titles. On my free time I enjoy riding bikes and involving myself in outdoor activities, along with writing, reading, and playing video games. I also love to observe animals and there behaviors. I strongly believe that my passion for writing and playing video games came from the desire to create and invest myself into worlds and experiences I otherwise would not have access to, and, as a writer I can bring my worlds to life and share it with others. Among other things, I am also currently pursuing a career in video game production, and planning to publish a book of my own before I reach age 18, and a video game before age 21.


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