I'm a student at East Brooklyn Community High School in Brooklyn.

Fly fly fly. Fly away as I go to the clouds. Reach the stars hover levitate float eyes won’t open dreams keep on going Kush keep on burning burn the bridges hit the water

Bong rips expedite my trip keep going like I was never there 5 minutes and I keep going keep floating spell something wrong and its alright I can see the keys so type a little faster gets annoying watching the booty clapper my son dapper Dave at the barber shop from around the way story’s for days 1 minute and 20 seconds counting counterfeited with the dragon odd future don’t give a puck 16 errors on the page 3 more seconds and I’m filled with rage not really trying to fill the page

I felt like this was a good exercise brain worked out almost like I was rapping my thoughts in to music. So I keep going

5 minutes once a again how many errors can I spare continuation of the flame 2 by 5 kill time I keep going if you keep flowing space ghost from coast to coast okay doke hope you choke that won’t float your boat swim with your fin as I begin don’t care about the 4 or the 3 but when its 2 we combine in to you the 1 that I be late on first date right ragga muffin and it gets tight like mike 6 bus in Flatbush on that and getting tattoos rat food gold ball fly that be true mike what you going to do peek ova here one more time I’m going to have to edit you out the rhyme this time still here you need to dip number 9 in the crime to young to to drink but if I do I’m coppin Bombay

Sip that all day something stinks spray the raid

• I will ensure I will use appropriate language when writing and communicating with others in this class
• Because I deserve the same respect as I give to the world

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