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I was a student at Bronx Academy Senior High in the Bronx.

Hi, I’m Michelle. I’m 18 years old living in the Bronx. I was born on September 22 so that makes me a virgo. I’m Mexican, I don’t really say my other nationality because I don’t know much about it. But I am Spaniard, lol. I live at home with my brother (16), mom, and my baby sister (1). And another baby on the way. I’m the oldest out of all my sisters and brother. I’m like every teenager. I like to go out and be around my friends, family and close friends. I like to go shopping and listen to music. I have a huge obsession with Hello Kitty. I can be a fun and caring person but I do get mad easily. I’m very short tempered. I have 2 best friends, Jovanda '08 &+ Evelyn '03. I’ve known them for years. I have a few close guy friends. I also work. I’m a waitress and I work in a bakery. I’m a senior in highschool at Bronx Academy Senior High. I hope to one day be a detective. I wanna go to John Jay for college. I hope to one day get out of the Bronx and live in a nice house. I like to get my nails done, and do my hair. If I could describe myself in one word it would be “spoiled”. I’m a brat. Lol. I’m daddy’s little girl. And at home, i’m a princess. I’m not gonna say I get everything I want, cause I don’t. I have to work hard to get it. But it’s pretty easy. My dad will get me anything as long as I don’t leave my studies.

My favorite subject in school was chemistry. My teacher made it fun. But since my school is closing, a lot of teachers left. I dislike math. Numbers and formulas confuse me. I also like to come to school to get out of my house. I like to be around my friends and my teachers. I think I do pretty well in school. I try to maintain a 80% on my report card. I believe education comes before anything. Your education can take you far in life. I wanna teach my little brother and sisters that you can still make it even if you fail. I’m gonna go to college and make it as far as I can. I want them to follow in my footsteps and show them the right thing to do.

After school, I like to hang out. Movies, or anything that will distract me. I like to go window shopping when I have no money, lol. I work Fridays, the best day of the week :/ And I also work weekends. It sucks butt, but it be like that sometimes. I like to take my little sister out. I feel like the more closer she is to me, the more I can help her in the future. I also like to eat, lml. I’m always eating. I know in the future, i’m gonna be like 800 pounds.

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