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I'm a student at Bronx Academy Senior High in Bronx, NY. My name is Misty! I am 17 years old and I am currently a senior in high school. I am a very outgoing individual; I come from a large family. I have 5 brothers and 1 sister and prioritize on family as well as school first. Although, I have strong opinions; I do take time to understand and appreciate what other people have to say. Often times I find that what it is that you have to say about yourself may be better interpreted through a conversation rather than in black and white. Due to the fact that in conversation you may anticipate a response. I have a very strong sometimes misinterpreted personality but find that most of the time it is due to a lack of common ground. I am often told by others that I have an “old spirit”; that in itself is confusing but I guess it is true.

In school I would say that I am good at things that I place importance on as far as homework and classwork is concerned. I have an easy time adjusting to different settings and do not dread speaking in front of crowds in the slightest. Although, I am not a perfect student often times I may put something (i.e. homework assignments, project,etc.) off for so long that they do not get completed until it is already to late. I may be taken off track at times very easily! Overall, i would say that I am good at taking things that I learn about in school and relating them back to real-life scenarios. I find this to be the easiest way to remember the things that I have learned and taking the vocabulary/key words and trying to place them into other classes.

Outside of school I enjoy spending time with my family as well as others. I do not participate in any sports. I enjoy reading for personal gain and making memories with others. When around my family and friends I enjoy having get-togethers such as parties, cook-outs, etc. I come from a very loud big mostly Spanish family and choose my friends basically the same way; so often times a lot of stupid things happen.

Nine Questions About Myself:

1. How do others perceive me?(curiosity,wonder,characteristics,distinction,perspective)
2. Where am I headed?(objective, determination,potential, doubt, ambition)
3.Where would I be if I hadn't had the family I have?(regret, curiosity, past, wonder, imagination)
4.Does being short affect my life?(incredibility,dislike,conscience,potential,nature)
5.What is it that I haven’t discovered about myself?(self-analysis,likes,details,potential,unknown)
6. Do I perceive the world as an allusion?(deception,incredibility,self-analysis,nonconformity,reasoning)
7. Is my character and behavior questionable to others?(doubt,nonconformity,reasoning,expectation,association)
8. What is my purpose?(likes,details,characteristics, anger,distinction)
9.What have I not discovered about myself?(regret,curiosity,pat,wonder,imagination)

Ten Questions About The World:

1. Does the world view politics the same?(government,campaigning,policy,affairs,sensible)
2. Is there a common boundary between all religions?(government,religion,policy,creation,sensible)
3. How much of the world believes in reincarnation?(life,cycle,explanation, creation,disbelief)
4.Does having responsibilities differentiate people from one another?(accountability,blame,authority,care,power)
5.What is the affect on human interaction within a school setting?(psychology,theme,human interaction,society)
6. Is being cruel to others normal?(nonconformity,disdain, injustice,problem,society)
7.What does world heritage mean?(persons,background,tradition,culture,custom)
8.Are tattoos accepted worldwide?( curiosity,possibilities,description world,challenge)
9. What would society be like if there were no laws?(behaviorism,will,power,control,belief)
10.How does the world explain the universe?(curiosity,explanation,perception,allusion,unknown)

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