My name is nermin moustafa I was born in Egypt and came here to the

United States of America when i was three years old. Im 5'4 with now

short black hair since i cut it , tan skin and dull brown eyes. I Went to a

co-ed school called p.s 85 from pre-k till 3rd grade , then completed grades

4th through 5 in ps2q. I moved becouse my old apartment was put on sale by my

landloard. So here i am now a 10th grader at the yound womens leadership

school of astoria.

         I really dont know what im going to do when i leave for collage . i get asked evertime

by almost everyone what im going to be studying in collage. And i answer the same thing

everytime i really dont know it will come to me sooner or later. All i really care about at the

moment is just keeping my grades up passing the regents and keeping my parents happy.

Trust me when i say that is not at all easy. Parents these day's.




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