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I'm a student at New Directions Secondary School In the Bronx.My name is Ousman Dukuray and I wanna be Dentist when I grow up.What makes me unique is that I just wanna make money and be successful and follow my religion.I love to cook food and i like to work for good money.I believe in self respect and perseverance.

My school is NDSS (New Directions Senior Secondary School).My friends are Kaesean,Jervon and I like playing Basketball with them.I like the school a little bit and some of the teachers but nevertheless I’m still here trying to get my education.I am hoping to graduate soon with good credits and a scholarship to a good college. After school I like sitting at home relaxing or go outside and see some of my friends before I head out to work.I am basically good at playing soccer,video games,some basketball and others.But what i do love most of all is the power of learning.What made me good at them is by watching how professional soccer player like Cristiano Ronaldo and Thomas Muller would play.That how i learned how to play a little bit of soccer.

Self Questions

1. What kind of person will I be?
2. Will I have a good future ?
3. Will i have good kids ?
4. Will I ever have a Family ?
5. Will I ever go to college ?
6. Will I ever live my dream of becoming a Dentist ?
7. Will I ever succeed in life ?
8. Will I have a good life ?
9. Will I ever get robbed ?
10. Will I kill someone anytime or any soon ?

World Questions

1. What is happening to our world ?
2. Will there ever be peace in this world ?
3. When people will stop dying ?
4. Who will become the president of 2016?
5. Why do people kill?
6. What is Democracy?
7. Does America have a strong constitution?
8. Do us Americans believe in our constitution?
9. What is the world coming to?

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