Hello my name is Odalys. I am 17 years old,I was born in highland hospital in Oakland. I have been living in Oakland for my entire life.i am very very shy but once you get to know me i am a very joyful and sweet girl. i have a cool personality.i have colored eyes=]. i am very caring and trusting. i love to help people when they need help.the most important people in my life would have to be my family and boyfriend. especially my mother. she means everything to me, she is the reason why i am a successful person and she is the reason why i am who i am. my boyfriend on the other hand is the most amazing guy ever.hes the one who keeps me going and who helps me get through the rough times. i want to be a doctor when i grow up.

What i like to do in school is to hang out with my friends. i'm not so good at school but i do try my best to do good. i try hard to get good grades but i always end up having bad grades which is disappointing but i never give up. i'm that type of person who doesn't give up when they try to achieve something.

Things i like to do out of school would be ,hanging out with my siblings and just going out to party. i also like to go to the park and just play some type of sport. i also like to write alot. i like to write about how i feel in a journal because that way i let everything out. i love to listen to music, music is my passion, i like all types of music except rap, but what i mostly listen to is to that rock , metal and punk music . i love to draw it gets my mind of things.

I'm a student at Fremont High School, Oakland, CA. My last year here at fremont as a senior. People describe fremont as "Ghetto" and "ratchet". is some way i agree. in fremont all you see is gangbangers. i cant wear a certain color because then they come up to me and try to do something because of a color.. in fremont all i see around is teens smoking and drinking by the field. as i walk by i see fog because of the smoke. during class i see people literatly sleeping with their heads on their desk. fremont is a place where kids drop out of school, where dreams are crushed and hopes are brought down, were 4.0 students become 1.0 students. theres not a day when i dont walk by without having the feeling of fearness. fremont is also that place where teenage girls get pregnant, kids skipping school and disresepcting teachers. most of the students here are all about that THUG LiFE. most of the kids dont care about school, dont care about anyone. you are pretty much on your own here.but on the other side fremont has its good sides. its had good teachers, the teachers here at fremont are awsome. they understand were you coming from , most of the teachers here really care about you. there is also good people here. i made it sound like there isn't good people around but trust me there is good people around, just have to find the right people to hang out with and not let yourself be influenced by the bad ones. Oakland isnt such a bad place. yes theres violence but name a place where there isn't violence. This city has some places where its fun to go to. Like hiking up the mountains.

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