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I'm a student at Green Dot New York Charter School in the Bronx. My name is Kiahra. The H is silent, in case you were wondering. I am high school girl with dreams bigger than the city I live in. I’m 15 years old and I was born in September to a young couple who couldn’t wait to start their own family. For the first two years, I lived in my grandma’s house. It was a party every day; My cousins lived there as well, talk about a full house. My parents raised me with ambitions. “Practice makes perfect” was then motto; it still is. Eventually, when I started school, my ambition translated into my schoolwork. Blue ribbons covering the refrigerator door wasn’t a job well done; it was expected.
School is where I get to show off (academically of course). Don’t get me wrong; learning isn’t my favorite thing to do, but I focus on what it will eventually bring me: success. My strengths are really strong and my weaknesses are really, well, weak. So sports and extra-curricular activities are a no-no. But hey, you can’t be great at everything.
Outside of school is when I get to relax. Hanging out with my friends is the best way to do so. Swimming is also a stress reliever. It took getting dropped into a 9 feet pool of water by my dad several times to finally feel comfortable in water. But to be honest, I’m not a fish. I’m a city girl. What I’m best at is strolling down Madison Avenue, admiring all the beautifully crafted gowns by Valentino and Oscar De La Renta (from afar) hoping to one day own them all and take them to the condo right above the store.
10 Questions About Self:
What is the person that I'm going to marry doing right now?
(prediction, future, husband, person, relationships)

Am I going to have a good/stable life in the future?
(finance, future, life, stability, career)

Were my ancestors important people to their society?
(roots, past, society, ancestors, important)

What do others think of me?
(personality, people, perception, judgemental, persona)

Will I be important to society in the future?
(role, society, me, important, impact)

How many kids will I have?
(children, kids, mom, number, future)

Am I going to have a good career?
(prediction, career, job, future, me)

Will my current friends still be in my life 20 years from now?
(current, friends, future, present, life)

Will I be a good mom?
(kids, mom, future, me, role model)

Are my parents proud of me?
(parents, proud, me, disappointment, thoughts)

10 Questions About World:
How would a communist U.S be?
(America, Communism, government, changes, democracy)

Do ghosts exist?
(exorcism, afterlife, paranormal, ghosts, spirits)

Is the Illuminati real?
(organization, illuminati, secret, society, devil)

Why does rape exist?
(sex, rape, bad, crime, pedophile)

Are we born "bad"?
(born, bad, right, good, wrong)

How long do feelings/emotions last? At what point do they become self-inflicted?
(feelings, emotions, time, length, self-infliction)

Is money really the root of all evil?
(money, evil, obsessed, root, wealth)

Can we lead ourselves to believe our own lies?
(lies, believe, ourselves, mental, brain)

Can our brain/mind involuntarily make decisions for us?
(brain, mind, decisions, involuntary, thoughts)

Is respect more important than power?
(respect, power, importance, dignity, fear)

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