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I'm a student at University Prep Charter High School in the Bronx. Well, let’s start by telling you who I am. My name is Dexter Porter. I am 16 years old and my birthday is March 21. I am extremely determined and outgoing. I love sports and I will continue to love sports, until the day that I hurt myself or even die. I have many different personalities, I should say, but one that I plan to make permanent. I have three priorities which are to go to school, get better in basketball in order to get a scholarship and to finish school. In school, I have two objectives. Those objectives are to make sure i get my work done and to be prepared for the next step of my day. I want to complete high school, because the faster I complete high school, the faster I can complete college. Some ask themselves, “Why do I want to go to college? or Is college fit for me”, but that is not the question I am asking. The question that I am asking is “Am I ready to go to college”? I am a different person inside school than outside of school. When I get older, I want to work with law enforcement, or maybe I can fulfill my dream and play basketball professionally. I want to work with the FBI, CIA, S.W.A.T (Special Weapons And Tactics), or even as a normal detective.

Inside of school, I do whatever it takes to get my work done. In school, I am focused on nothing but the process of learning . It is just that the topics we cover are not interesting. Most classes make me think, but in other classes I sit there and daydream about how the rest of my day will be and that is not always good. I usually think about, “ How is what the teacher is teaching me going to help me later on in life? ” I have dreamed of going to college since the day that I decided I wanted to get in the law field. I am in love with the sport basketball. If I could, I would marry it.

Outside of school, I’m a different person. My behavior changes drastically.The way I talk changes, and the way I act also changes. I am more loose when I am outside of school. Outside of school there are fewer rules to follow. I still have to follow state laws, but they’re not hard to follow. Outside of school, I feel free. I feel as if I do not have to listen to anyone, except for when I am with one of my parents. Being outside makes me happy because I do not have to deal with all of the drama that people involve me in.

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