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I’m Romina Douk, 16, and i’m a sophomore at Oakland High School. When i’m not doing homework i’m dancing, hip hop has been a major part of my life for 3 years, right before I left I was made a student-instructor, which only made it harder to leave… Each and every thought, feeling, and lesson learned through it has made me who I am today and shapes a major part of my life.I guess who could say Dance is life. I was born in Oakland, but raised in a small town, Yuba City, although, no one here really seems to know where that is…. Yuba City is home to me .It was hard to leave everything i’ve known all my life behind. However, with the support of some of my bestfriends, my desire to get involved with my new school and community, I maintained a positive outlook, made new friends, and here I am!

I’m currently working on being more involved in school (sports, clubs, community service etc.) and planning ahead for my future. I can’t really decide at the moment if I want to major in Criminal Justice, Forensic Sciences, or Marine Biology. Science,animals, and all that crime stuff you see on TV? They're all a passion of mine, and that's why when it comes to anything about those subjects (besides Chemistry and Math!) I am able to excel and keep moving forward. I also thank my self determination.

As I mentioned earlier, dancing has been a huge part of my life since 2012. Before dance, i'm not going to lie, I was going down a dark road and becoming the exact person that I despised. When I became a part of dance, I found out a lot about myself and others as well. Before I knew it, what was once just "Synergy Dance Production Company" to me, became my home. There, I created unforgettable memories with people I treasure dearly. I met two awesome best friends and am confident that these will be lifelong friendships. Don't get me wrong, I didn't start out being an instructor or anything special. I was a normal student, I started at the bottom but what set me apart and allowed me to progress was my drive to succeed, my instinct to push myself beyond my normal limits, and my instructors' faith in me, allowing me to be on the advanced competition team with only 3 months of experience. Was I intimidated? Of course! But that didn't stop me. Before I new it, I was helping others find the determination I found in myself, I became the designated assistant teacher for all hip hop classes (even competition), and was offered a student - intstructor job.

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