Allow me to introduce myself; my name is Omar, and I am the second youngest of 5. I am a student at Green Dot New York Charter School in the Bronx. I lived with my mother in New York for about 10 years now. I am Puerto Rican and I lived there for about 2 years and lived in Philadelphia Pennsylvania for 3 years. That explains why I’m a Philadelphia Eagles fan. I am a huge football fan, because i started watching it with my uncle at a young age in Philly. I really miss him a lot,because he was someone that made me who I am today.He died due to cancer, but I guess he is in a better place now.

In school I like to do classwork; well I wouldn't say I like it, but it can be fun I guess. Other than that I enjoy spending time with friends and family and talk about sports with them. In school I’m good at these two main subjects: writing and global history.I know a vast amount of vocabulary. I am a very observant person in some situations I see things other people usually miss. When it comes to school I’m kind of lazy I don’t like to do homework, but when I take test I ace almost all the time.

My long goal dream is to become a tight end for the Philadelphia Eagles. Its my dream because i really love that team and i would like to help them go to a Superbowl. I will accomplish this dream in time and it won’t give up to achieve it. I’m always practicing and I get better every time so I see improvement. My favorite players in the NFL are Brent Celek, Aaron Hernandez, and Rob Gronkowski. If you know about football you will know that all of these players play tight end, and they are very successful at it.So this is who I am and Who I hope to become.

Why do I prefer silence and to be alone sometimes? (independence,alone,Self government,separation)
What do I want as a career?(future,profession,admission,income,salary)
Why do i think the word friends is weird?(friendship,emotion,companion,classmates,friends)
Why is my favorite team the Eagles?(NFL,NFC,Philadelphia,Eagles,Team Selection)
Why do I get upset when my team loses?(Emotions,Loss,Defeat,collapse,failure)
Is it normal to dislike and like school at the same time?(School,Liking,preference,opinion,)
When will I take school seriously?(School,serious,academics,Classes,grades)
Why do I like to learn new words?(Vocab,Words,eager,English,grammar)
When should I care for others?(sympathy,people,caring,venial,forgiving)
Who am I and what is my role on this planet?(Identity,Me,existence,Path,Who I am,World)

Can animals understand one another?(Animals,comprehension,dialogue,conversation,language)
Do aliens exist?(Extra terrestrial, other planets,solar system,aliens,UFO)
Are people really destined to meet?(Fate,love , people,emotions,Converge)
Is life a gift given by someone?(Born,God,Religion,life,gift)
Are feelings illusions made by the brain?(Emotions, fake,brain,not true,fake images)
How did modern day ethnicity's come to be?(Races, ancestors,ethnicity,God,Religion)
Why do people hate one another?(Hate,world peace,people,Killings,No love)
If people were the same would there be peace?(World peace,Equality,Similarities,Alike,people)
Why do people behave worst than animals at times?(Behavior,Animals,actions,people,social)
Can people control their destiny?(fate,destiny,future,path,control)

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