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I am Roberto. A young stupid male teenager in my sophomore year. I love music, sports, and video games. I have a personality that makes it hard for me to distinguish who I am as a person. It is also hard for me to also distinguish on what I want in my life. Do I want worldwide success, or self success? I do not really know what I want. It is not that I am a picky person but, I need to satisfy all my personalities. There are some things that I love and that is the NFL season, playing basketball, WWE, and Rap. This is really all I can say about myself because everyone else, to be honest, can judge me on however they want because it is the people who are going to love or hate me.

In school I am just a regular student. I do all the school work that is needed to pass my classes and participate when needed as well. I do all the homework I need to do to pass but the only problem that every ordinary teenager has is the responsibility to bring in all the homework in on time. I have friends but all teenagers have that one friend that is consider as their partner in crime. I like high school but not entirely. No one likes school obviously but I like school because I get to meet people that no matter what race you are, we are united as a unit. I am not different from any other teenager.

When I am outside of school, I can be two things. One would be a teenager you know and is cool with. The other is a child that you will not even recognize. When I am outside of school by myself I am very meticulous about my surroundings because I do not trust the outside world at all. I would always be hearing music through my ears to avoid contact and get distracted on my destination. I would give money to the homeless that ask for it, if I have money. I walk fast to avoid trouble but sometimes I walk slow just to observe how the outside world is like or just to buy myself a good snack. When I am walking with someone or with a group, I am not like that because I have people that I can converse with and not have a boring walk.

10 questions about myself.
Will I ever change my name?
(“change legal name”, identity, personality, “reasons to change name”, name)
Will I get married?
(Christianity belief, one marriage, soul-mate, hearts bond, )
Will I be famous?
(famous, “Statistics of regular people becoming famous”, talent, contests, YouTube)
Will I ever be able to have an official fighter?
(WWE development group, Boxing, UFC, MMA, high school wrestling)
Can I be able to get rid of my shyness?
(Shy, Nervousness, statistics of shyness, statistics of nervousness, public speaking)
Will I ever understand my purpose on this world?
(Understand purpose, purpose of the world, reasons to live, “human roles on earth”, the world of tomorrow, you only live once)
Could I be able to rap?
(Lyrical, vocabulary, Eminem, hip-hop beats, meaningful songs)
Would I be someone important?
(someone important, education, statistics of successful uneducated people, millionaires that are uneducated, important people)
Will I ever get along with my Brother?
(siblings, sibling rivalry, statistics of sibling rivalry, healthy or unhealthy, “reason we have a sibling”)
Will I ever get along with ignorant humans?
(ignorance, Human ignorance, Statistics of human ignorance, uneducated humans, blind eyes)

10 Questions About The World.
Will the world be the same once my generation takes over?
(Millennials, “the future of the government”, “statistics of future survival”, “statistics of future intelligence”, “statistics for future wars”)
Will aliens finally make contact?
(aliens, “extraterrestrial life existence”, ufo, “ufo sites”, conspiracy theories)
Will there be a zombie apocalypse that almost the entire human race is expecting to happen?
(zombies, apocalypse, “zombie projects”, “zombie soldiers used in war”, )
Will World War III ever happen?
(“World War III”, “causes that can lead to world war III”, “statistics that world war III will happen”, “the possible spark of world war III”,
Will technology replace books?
(technology, books, “replacement of books”, “technology takes over”, education)
Will there ever be battles in space?
(“Space Technology,” “Developments of Space technology”, “Space Warcrafts Project”, “government plans with new ways of war”, Star Wars)
Is rap more white than its traditional culture?
(“Eminem’s opinions on rap”, “Scarface speaks on rappers”, “Snoop Dogg disses Lil Wayne”, “Kendrick Lamar Explains Diss verse”, “Pusha T disses Lil Wayne”)
Will the government spy on us even more?
(government, spy, telephone, internet, issues)
Will weed ever be legalized?
(Weed, “Legalization of Weed”, “Weed Production”, “Weed Distribution”, “Weed Banned”)
Will time travel be possible?
(Time Travel, “possible time travel”, “the science of time”, “theories of time travel”, “projects of time travel.”)

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