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lol, no.

In school, I try my best to do well. Although sometimes I do bad but I always keep my head up. The problem with me is that I tend to wait until the last minute and i dislike that about myself oh so much. What I like about school is that it is a place where young adults go to learn about new things. My favorite part about school is meeting new people; you never know you may meet the love of your life and also to join a sports team such as basketball or football.

Outside of school I am totally different. It’s amazing because it’s like I have two different sides to me. It’s nothing like I do stuff bad, but where I live I’ve known my friends for about more than three years. When I have nothing to do I go out to the park with my friends and play basketball. I call most of my friends “bro” because ever since I was little they have my back; they also know my parents and are cool.

10 questions.

about me.
1. Do girls think I am different?
(personality, character, actions, person)
2. Who will I marry?
(future, couple, wife, promise)
3. Will I become famous one day?
(known, leading, spotlight, legendary, memorable)
4. Will I live with my parents till i am 25?
(settled, planned, arrange, steer, ready)
5. Am I good at sports?
6. What will my future job be?
(goal, future, career, settled, settlements)
7. What kind of person am I?
(personality, characters, action, person)
8. Will I have kids?
(future, wife, children, age)
9. Will I get taller?
(height, genes, body, parents)
9. will I have kids?
10. Why am I on earth . .?
(point, perspective, reason, god)

about the world.
1. When will people be original?
(originality, actions, behavior, minds)
2. When will people stop hating?
(hate, dislike, looks, mad)
3. Why is it called “freedom” when we aren’t free.
(freedom, free, world. government)
4. Why is America so much in debt?
(problem, world, money, debt)
5. Can we just have peace in the world?
(war, fight, peace, people)
6. Why is the government hiding stuff from u.s citizens.
(hidden , hide, undercover, world)
7. Are there alliens?
(humans, space, planets, life)
8. Why did u.s buy 100 tanks?
(war,conflict, fight, problems)
9. Does the government only care about their self?
(hate, jealously, careless, ungraceful)
10. Why is u.s such a bad place?
(unsafe, dangerous, harm, fights)

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