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My name is Zulema, I am a 16 year old Mexican American. I’m a student at Green Dot Charter School. Throughout my life I have moved several times. I’ve lived in Mexico, Texas, a town called Middletown, and many other places. I have a huge family, and never finish meeting all my family members. Something important about me is that I enjoy learning new things. I think a lot about life, and life experiences. I’m a friendly person and I enjoy helping others. I put others before myself; I’m not a selfish kind of person. A turning point in my life was when I had to move to Middletown in 7th grade. A lot has changed ever since. I find things very interesting and always ask many questions; it’s part of who I am.

In school, I like to talk to my friends. I also enjoy learning new things. I’m very good at writing essays, poems, & stories. I enjoy writing and reading. I do not attend any extracurricular activities at this moment but I hope to join some soon. Even though doing school work and learning new things is sometimes difficult, I do enjoy being at school. What I don’t like is waking up every day at 6 in the morning and the amount of homework teachers give.

Outside of school I enjoy every moment I spend with my friends. I also enjoy shopping and visiting new places. I am good at socializing and meeting new people. I can say I make friends quickly and for the most part don’t really get into problems. I also help others that need help or comfort.

Inquiry questions & tags:

About myself:
1. Do my actions and words define me? ( self , personality, actions, choices, decisions)
2. Why do people look up to me? ( Personality, way of being, trustful, confident, actions, choices)
3. Where will I be in the future? ( Accomplishments, obstacles, being strong, standing out, future, potential, success, achievement, career, goals, inspiration, attainment)
4. What is my purpose? ( belief, destiny, future, life, choice)
5. Could my life have been different (better) ? ( life, fate, destiny, past, decisions )
6. What is my future husband doing right now? ( Future, marriage, husband, relationship, maturity)
7. Is there another "me" somewhere else in this world? ( personality, ideas, thoughts, looks, twin, friends)
8. Am I the best I can be? ( goals, determination, resolution, self- exploration, confidence, future, self esteem)
9. What do others think of me? ( Perspective, loyal, trustworthy, appearance, point of view, people, friendship, personality, idea, thoughts, first impression)
10. Why do I care about others more and before myself? ( feelings,decisions, sacrifice, caring, friendship, family)

About the world:
1. Are phobias real? (believes, myth, phobias, opinions)
2. Do people meet others for a purpose? ( Relationships, friendships, destiny, fate, help, encouragement, lessons, purpose)
3.Why don't people laugh when someone they don't like tells a joke, no matter how funny the joke was?(Hate, anger, grudge, enemy, past)
4. Is abortion okay or not? ( Decision, Controversy, society, opinion)
5. Do things happen for a reason? ( life, destiny, lessons)
6. Does "reincarnation" exist? ( belief, myth, religion, history, thoughts, people, bequeath )
7. Do ghosts exist? ( paranormal, dead, poltergeist, ghost, believe, history, stories)
8. Do we control the course our life takes? ( decision, priority, maturity, perspective)
9. If you could go back to a period in time in your life and change it, which would it be? (Decision, return, past, nostalgia, perspective, importance, regret, change)
10. How would life be from a different perspective? ( point of view, ideas, thoughts, different, unique)

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