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My name is Allie Rosenthal. I'm a student at Bay View Middle School in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Some facts that are important to know about me is I have a great family! My mom and dad and my two older brothers and my stepdad. Also I have a dog named Cali and 3 cats Lucy,Buttercup,and Hank. My favorite sport to play is basketball. I started playing when I was in fifth grade and ever since then I've been playing. My family and I also own a cabin in Crivitz and every weekend we go up there. We really enjoy being out in the country. I was born in Green Bay WI. on December 19th 1999 at Bellin hospital. Something important that happened to me was when I earned my first trophey in basketball. I have lived in Green Bay all my life but moved to Howard at the end of 6th grade.

What I enjoy in school would be science and language arts. I like to do experiments and I like to read. I am good at writing in school the most.

I enjoy to listen to music and go for walks with Cali on the trails close by my house. I also like go to the mall and watch movies. I am good at basketball. How I got so good was my dad taught me how to play and we practiced a lot.

10 Questions about myself:

1. I wonder what career I will decide in the future?
2. What college will I go to?
3. If I will get a scholarship?
4. Will I move out of Green Bay when I get old enough to live on my own?
5. I wonder how much money I will have to pay for college?
6. I wonder if I will be in a sport in high school?
7. I wonder if I will be in any clubs in high school?
8. I wonder if I will get my drivers license?
9. I wonder if I will get a job in high school?
10.I wonder if I will be able to get good grades in high school?

10 questions about the world:

1. I wonder who will be the next president?
2. Will the government re-open?
3. Will gas start to go down or up?
4. Will we ever go to war?
5. Will the unemployment rate go up?
6. Will the Olympics ever be in the United States again?
7. Will the packers ever go to Super Bowl again?
8. Will jobs be harder to find in the future?
9. Will products like food,clothes, etc. go up in price in the future/
10.Will technology be more popular in the future?

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