Hi, my lovely folks. I'm a student at Fremont High School in Oakland, California

You can call me “Chell” in short. I'm a senior student at Fremont High school ( home of the tigers) as we called it. Which is located in Oakland California, I was born in Feb 2nd,1995. Born and raised in the Philippines, Yea!!! that’s right I was born there I’m pure blooded Filipino and I’m proud of it. The saddest drama I've ever encountered in my whole life is when my parents divorced. Yea I know it sucks if you asked me, but that how life goes. Enough for the drama. One thing you should know about me is I’m a very quite/shy person until you get to know me. I don’t like to show people how I really am until I really know who you are because you can't trust anybody. Other important thing about me is that I'm understanding to talk to, honest, trustworthy and most of all caring person.:)

What I like about school is that you meet new people, it gives you the opportunities to explores various things and at the same time learning and developing your own interest. Other reason why I like about school is that it’s a place where I and my friends can hangout because they are always there for me. I also love the fact that I have the opportunities to get an education as it has played a major life in my life. Before I reached the real world.

What I enjoy doing out of school is once again hanging out with my friends, visiting them in their house or playing video-games, watch movies with them all those stuff you know. However I also spent my time into curriculum activities that my school had after school.So its not all about fun but creating my own experience. So Yup that’s all about me. Thanks for reading:)

Hi my lovely fellow, I'm here again to tell you about what school I go to,which you guys know already. If you guys have ever read my bio. But for those who do not feel free to check it out, and I will gradually appreciated if you do. So lets start as I mentioned in my Bio.I study at Fremont High where is located in Oakland. My school is along the highway which most car pass by. The structure of a building is quite big enough to see far, around the back of Fremont is fence. My school is consist of four school before one is media, Architecture,Mandela and Robinson;however this year it only consist one school due to the fact that my school doesn't have enough money to support some of this school. Also Fremont contains different ethnicity such as African Am,Latin,Asian, Arab and so on. Fremont is pretty quite antiquated because its been built since I guess 1960's, so the whole building is kind of old, but they trying their best by re-modeling it or furnishing the building. Fremont has all the facilities such as computer lab, laboratory, clinic,PE Gym, a big library with a huge collection of different kinds of books, a field where most of the sports club have been practicing , sometimes big games event is holding with another school and the interesting one is we have a swimming pool,but its quite often use. Most of the classes or classroom like portable are centered in one to another area sort like a giant square. That it make quite easy for some student to get in the class. Fremont doesn't prescribed a uniform which is most student is cool with it because they can wear whatever they want. For teacher in Fremont they well learned and experienced. For my principal he is fair for the rules, and trying our school to make a better environment for all of us.

I currently live in Oakland California. Well if you've been in Oakland it is beautiful to visit. Statistic research say Oakland is one of the top five most beautiful place to visit in the world. So for people who said Oakland is " ugly". You guys are wrong Oakland has a wonderful places to visit such as the Oracle auditorium, which game event is held, Oakland also is home for Raiders yea that's right. Oakland is wonderful city to live in a wide diversity, great landscaping structure. Although for people it is home of most violence. Folks here still manage to stay safe. So that's all about it :)

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