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Hello, my name is Shaffiou Assoumanou from International Community High School in the Bronx, and I’m from Togo. I’m 18 years old and I was born in Togo, one of the West African countries. I am nice, shy, quiet, respectful, friendly and a hard worker. I’m passionate about sports mostly about running because I like to run and doing this keeps me in healthy and I feel strong. I’m also passionate about education because it gives me knowledge and is the key that will open all the doors of opportunities and happiness to me in the future. This is important because it makes feel intelligent. Additionally, I'm passionate about everything that relates to media and I like using them. This is important because I can get some skills in it that can help me in the future. As a muslim, I value my religion because my God promised me paradise after my death if I worship him by doing good things and by leaving what is bad. I also value my family, mostly my parents because they gave birth to me, put me in school, help and support me in everything I’m doing. As a teengaer, it is my duty to be a good son to my parents by helping them to do some work at home, and by doing it, it gives me experience for jobs in the future. As a worshiper, one of the things I have to do is to behave well and doing this helps me to be a good person with a good behavior. Based on my personality and interests, I think a job I would be good at and enjoy is what I will aspire to do in the future.

When I come to School everyday, I like to say hi to all my friends and also to all my teachers. When the bell ring in the morning, I like to be in class and prepare for the works before anyone else. In class, I like to finish all my assignments on time, I like to help my friends who don’t understand the subject and I like to help teachers when they need it.I’m always like to work very hard and get a really good grade. I like to compete with my friends in subject and that’s one of things that make me become better in every subject. I like using computer in school to do my works.

When I was in my country, outside the school I like to go out to play sports and to go to the Masjid to pray. But now, since I’m not used to this country, outside the school I like to play games. I like to watch movies and I also like doing researches to get more languages. I also like to read because as an english learner I have to read so I can improve my english. I like to pray and I like to read my religion Islam book which is Qur'an. I also like spending some times on facebook, instagram and Kik talking to some of my friends back home. I like doing a lot of others things outside the school.

10 questions about the world
I’m wondering why African people can not be united instead of killing each other like what is happening recently in South Africa?
I’m wondering why there are too much injustice in the world?
I’m wondering why in America there is still race problem?
I’m wondering why our leaders can’t take quick action to save the lives of elephants who are being killed for their tusks?
I’m wondering why some there are still dictatorship in the world especially in Africa?
I’m wondering why some people especially young girls are forced into prostitution without their will?
Why are there so much diseases in the world?
I’m wondering why people are killing each other for money?
I’m wondering why some people

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Even the nicest people have their limits. | Hello, my name is Shaffiou Assoumanou from International Community High School and I’m from Togo. I’m 18 years old and I was born in Togo, one of the West African countries. I am nice, shy, quiet,... Added on Thursday, May 14, 2015 - 17:36, with
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