I'm a student at East Brooklyn Community High School in Brooklyn.

My name is Shyheem I was born on June 22 . I’m type of person that’s not a selfish person & just want to be successful in life. As a child I was always told to do good by people or for people, & good karma will come in the long run. I would always look out for people if I have it or got what they want. I never like to see people not try to get things, so I always help if help is needed. I really enjoy basketball, I play is well but I want to get better at it. I grew up on basketball & started playing it when I was 8 years old. Nobody never really told me how to play it I learn it on my own I just watches & practice moves from nab players. I was born in Flatbush but I lived in several areas before getting settled in home as a child. The most important women died (mom) that made my life crazy that was my turning point. I lived Down South with family, and then moved to New York with my father things didn’t work out & last & my current home is in Brownsville with my aunt.

I’m not a school person but I do think its important in life, without it really can’t get prepare for the real word. What I like about school is learning about things I never learned about ever. I know I’m good at math & social studies, I enjoy those courses. I really don’t like science & English is my weakest because my vocabulary is not all that good & I hate writing & reading. School is a must in life I agree to that statement because it’s important to me. I like the SGI (small group instruction) its help you pick up old work or work you didn’t finish on time. I also like how schooling finish at 2:45, lol that’s just me though.

What I really enjoy about school is learning about something/someone I knew about at all.
In social studies I really like learning about B.C & A.D time I really be interesting about it.

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