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I am a 16 year student, who attends Green Dot New York Charter School. As an older sister, I am always reminded of my responsibilities and place in this world. Besides my role as an older sister, I am also a dancer, writer, an aunt, a niece, a cousin, a younger sister ( on my father’s side), and so much more. I believe that everyone was born with a purpose, and finding yourself is the first way to start impacting the world.

In school, I am always focused on reaching outside of the box, moving forward, and facing challenges. I believe that the key to a successful student is having the ability to prioritize. My first passion has always been writing. I see writing as an art form, by which you are free to express your thoughts and feelings. Every drop of paint adds to the canvas of redemption, which essentially allows you to relinquish the real you. I am also really good at math and science, which are both significant to my desired profession. My aspiration is to become a neonatal nurse because I believe that my purpose is to help others and guide them towards a successful, auspicious, and healthy path in life.

Outside of school, I am a motivator for those who are younger than me. I have an uncanny skill at finding the potential in everything, which is why I never give up. I never let mistakes, failures, or past issues stop me from moving forward because I know it would be a waste of great potential. We were not blessed with a time machine to go back in time and fix our mistakes, but we have the ability to redress our mentalities and maintain a positive atmosphere.

Questions About Self
What factors contribute to my inability to feel comfortable in society?(Personality, qualities, acceptance, confidence, interactions)
What is my place in society?(Purpose, relationships, standards, friendships, interactions)
Would my childhood have been different if I remained in the country in which I was born?(Traditions, culture, customs, adaptation , change)
Am I invisible to the world?(Purpose, position, values, standards, judgements)
Why is it so hard for me to clearly communicate my thoughts, feelings, and emotions?(Shyness, frustration ,disorders, confidence , communication)
What can I do to change the way others perceive me?(Alteration, perspective, judgements, assumptions, prejudice)
Would my life have been different if I had an actual father figure?(Relationships, statistics, family, precedents , support)
What career path will my future instill? Aspirations, potential, dedication, education, ambition)
Why do people assume I have no life outside of school?(Personality , qualities, lifestyle , freedom, restrictions)
Does my intelligence hinder my ability to have fun?(Priorities, friends , relationships, conscious , parents)

Questions about the World
Why must one solely be categorized by material things?(Judgments, priorities, money , standards, wealth)
What would the United States be like if it were communist?( Money , Government, economy, social standards, freedom)
What if we all had the power to go back and change things?(Time machine, redressing, change, time, options)
Why must people point out the faults of others?(Bullying, friendships, self-esteem, failure, jealousy)
Why do some mothers continue to abuse their children when there are many people who can not have children of their own to love and protect?(Abuse , infertility, adoption, abortion, frustration)
Why is it so hard for one to confide with themselves?(Acceptance, confidence, self-esteem,perception, reliability)
Why must the people we love leave us?( Love, relationships, death , separation, deception)
What is the point of holding on to something , if nothing really lasts forever?(Commitment, dedication , time , effort, disappointment)
Why is it so easy for people to give up on life?(Suicide, frustration , alienation, defeat , tolerance)
Is there really “Hell” on Earth?( Crimes, sin , God, evil , people)

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