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I am an ESL student at the Cobble Hill School of American Studies in Brooklyn, New York.

My name is Usama Muraad. I was born on July 27 in Gujarat Pakistan. I left Pakistan at the age of 13 and came to america in 2011. Then, I had learn English and work harder on my studies than I did in Pakistan. After living in new York for one year, my family decided to move to Georgia. In Georgia, I messed up in my studies.I failed in three classes two of which I already took again and passed. That's why am farther behind than the other seniors.

I like to play basketball at the gym and other sports. I like school because it helps me to be successful in the future.In Georgia,I tried out for football team but did not have a good season because I only caught one and dropped one catch. I was the slowest wide receiver,so I had to work on my speed before I try out for college football team.

I like enjoy meeting new people at school. It helps me to speak more English. I speak Urdu and Punjabi at home so that's why English does not sound good when I speak it. I still have my Pakistani accent. After being in America for three years,I like school because it gives opportunities to students so they can be something in life.

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