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I'm a student at Green Dot New York Charter School in the Bronx. I'm a Panamanian 15 year old girl who loves fashion, art, music and her best friend Genesis. She was born on a rainy October Wednesday, and a major turning point in her life was when she became a New Yorker at the age of 11. Coming from Panama to the US was a big jump for her, but she longed to be with her mother and new baby sister.

In school, Angelica isn’t really good at many things, but she tries her best. She loved the art program in school, but it was cancelled, so she enjoys Ms. Aboulhosn’s after school program. She is very good when it comes to projects involving her creative skills, and she also enjoys reading; her favorite show is In Living Color, but she loves to watch cartoons like, Sponge bob, Tom & Gerry, The Power Puff Girls, Yogi Bear, and Scooby doo.

Out of school Angelica enjoys arts and crafts, she loves painting, sewing, coloring, drawing, singing, dancing, cooking, baking, playing video games, reading, shopping and dressing up, and many more things. Her passion art came from her family, her aunt is a graphic designer, her granddad is a photographer/musician, and her mom is an architect, so she has been influenced since birth. Angelica is also a very benevolent person, and she loves to help people; she does not like giving up and always tries to do the best she can.


My Self
How can I better myself?(goals, future, school, life, Carrier)
Where would I be if I had a rich family?(money, success, fame, talent, family)
Am I NORMAL?(normal, defects, intellect, brain, DNA)
How would I be if I was still in Panama?(Panama, colon, culture, academics, family)
What am I gonna do when I grow up?(Carrier, fashion, college, job, FIT)
Do I have fashion designer potential?(creativity, fashion, skills, style,originality)
Will I ever be the best I can be?(try hard, not giving up, positive mind, organization, academics)
What would my life be like if I lived with my dad?(daddy’s girl, absent father, dad love, father daughter dance, only parent)
Am I good enough for FIT?(skill, talent, style, intellect, originality)
Will I ever be enough for anyone?(love, relationships, boyfriends, acceptance, teenagers)
Will anyone ever be enough for me?(love, relationships, girlfriend, teens, high school)

The World
Is there such thing as normal?(people, opinion, normal, defects, achievements)
Is there such thing as the American Dream?(dream hose, dream car, differences, people, race)
Will there ever be world peace?(war, death, racism, world hunger, disagreements)
Are fairy tales real?(princess, prince, happily-ever afters, magic, witches)
How are people connected?(blood line, family secrets, affairs, DNA, connections)
Why is healthy food expensive and junk food cheap?(crops, pesticide, plagues, economy, money)
Is there such thing as middle class?(economy, jobs, government, education, class system)
Will global warming ever stop?(ozone layer, north pole, aerosol cans, hair spray, pollution)
Why does it seem like the government wants to kill us?(products, manufactures, food process, economy, health)
Will we ever stop world hunger?(world economy, Africa, malnutrition, health, sick children)

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