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My name is Victor and I’m 11 year old. I was born In February 2004. I live in Rhode Island CF. Some thing you should know about me is that I’m smart with many ideas.
Some thing I like to do in school is reading and math. Those are the thing that I’m good at in school.
Something I enjoy out of school is computers and video games. I am good at video games because I’ve been playing since I was like 5 years old, when I got a Wii and for computers I just always liked science. (fun fact when I was a little kid at Halloween I just liked to ring the doorbell.) So me liking computers was just something that interested me.

My self questions

1. Am I smart.

2. Am I Amazing at video games

3. AM I good At life
World Questions
1. Why id Donald Trump running for presdent

2. What is life

3. What is The World

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