Valerie Panameno

I'm s student at Fremont High School in Oakland, California.

Hi, My name is Valerie Panameno and I have dedicated my life to the act of writing pen on paper. Whether it is writing poetry, newspaper articles or simply academic essays, I believe I have accomplished great things in life despite speed bumps along the way. Growing up I lived between parents and watched my family in different kinds of situation that aren't healthy for a kid my age. I have always fended for myself, I am very independent to be 17. I have a part-time job and with that money I support myself in every possible way from food to the clothes I wear. Despite living in the darkness for years and living my own chaotic addictions, I have came to understand that I love myself and live in harmony with my soul. Oakland, California are where my roots rest, I will soon cut them loose and spread my wings as far as I can.

In school, I like to excel in everything that I do. I have taken 5 AP Classes in the past and have passed 3 out of those AP tests. I have always dealt with problems at home and the incredible work load of AP classes which have left me no time to try anything at school. This is my senior year in high school and I plan to try out a sport and help out freshmen to stay on track in the beginning phases of school. I enjoy English, despite the amount of work and writing. My goal is to attend Stanford in Palo Alto, CA, and pursue my major in communication or journalism.

I love poetry, I was in an internship last year from Youth Speaks in which its mission was to create safe places for youth to express themselves. I created and led many workshops from the basics of writing to peer health. I performed at many big events including MLK and the private friend-raiser they host in order to bring money in to continue these programs. My biggest accomplishment was performing and having it played at a Warriors game a week later. I also work at the Exploratorium in San Francisco, CA, as an explainer. I help visitors explore and make their visit as best as I can possibly make it. I interact with hundreds of people from all over the world, just seeing new faces everyday makes it worthwhile. I can write pretty well, I like analyzing little things and just understanding how things are made. In my future, I see journalism and the world of writing ahead of me. There is nothing like writing something new everyday.

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