My name is Yalitza Rodriguez. I am 13 years old and I live in Santa Cruz California, I live with my mom Antonia Rodriguez works everyday so I really don’t see her that much , and my brother is 18 years old Christopher Baltazar. He works at making surfboards. When I was two years old, my mom and dad died and since then i have lived with my aunt with my aunt. I love her so much and she is like my real mom.I was born in December 19,2001 at 3:30 am.The most exciting thing that has happened to me is that my nephew was born when I went to mexico, I was so excited but in Mexico I couldn’t go in the hospital and hold him but I saw him in the window and he was so gross because he was barely born but when they gave him a bath he was so cute,it was the most exciting thing in my life.
I like to see all of my friends in school and I like to see all of my favorite teachers (well

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Mr Linden's Library | He had warned Lindsey about the book now it was too late, because Lindsey read the book but she fell asleep as she was reading the book,and the book vines were coming out and Lindsey didn't feel... Added on Friday, March 27, 2015 - 16:35, with
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