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I’m a 16 year old citizen currently living in the Bronx and attending Green Dot Charter H.S. I’m the oldest from an Ecuadorian family with two younger brothers. I grew up in many places trying to acquire a good friendship with others, but never lasted since I kept moving. As I got older there was one simple phrase that I grew up with. “Nothing is impossible unless you just don’t do anything about it.” Once I settled down in the Bronx at the age of 8, everything began to change in my world. My first years of school weren’t the best; I had many struggles and disappointments. After changing school, my level of education was extremely low compared to others. As the years went by I stared realizing that I had to step up my game and change. The things that changed when it came to middle school were as follows: no more coloring, drawing or even napping. It all turn to writing and studying. There was less time for fun and games, unless you organized yourself. Through my perspective I found High School to be the hardest part in my life.

As a 10th grade student now, after a year of being a freshman, I began to notice that my attitude towards high school changed. When I enter high school, I thought it was going to be nearly the same as middle school, but I was wrong. I now had to focus more on my studies than anything else. As a daughter and student, I want to prove to everyone else around me that I will be someone in life. If it takes years to become a doctor just because science isn’t my thing and math is, I’m going to spend those years studying. School was never where I wanted to be, but now that I’m in school, I have noticed that knowledge is the key to the world’s future. I want to pass my class, but I don’t mean with 80’s because to me that is nothing, but a failing grade. I want to see myself with 90’s or even better and I know to get them I have to do my best.

Dealing with no school is where everything changes. I’m the type of girl that likes to party and have fun. You can say I value my time with my family the most since I rarely go out. It’s not because I don’t want to or my parents don’t let me, but because I believe there is a time for everything. To be honest I never saw this way after something actually changed my life. I used to be the one that would spend her time outside more than being home and I believe that’s why am behind in my education and I don’t mean getting left back, but knowing certain things. I don’t blame anyone, but myself. Life to me has come with my obstacles and experience. I have learned from them even if they were the worst. There’s time for fun and games, you just have to know when the right time is.

10 questions

Questions about self

1. Can I be considered a role model to others? (as a sister, student, cousin, employ or friend)
2. What makes me different? (background, culture, race, customs, person)
3. Would my way of thinking changed if I grew up with different types of parents? (life, school, friends, attitude, work-ship)
4. Will I be someone in life like I say I will? (college student, traveler, doctor, role model, mother)
5. Is changing for others a good decision? (attitudes, appearance, relationship, family, friendship)
6. Do others think of me? (parents, friends, brothers, cousin, boyfriend)
7. Am I nice like I consider myself to be? (friend, sister, daughter, cousin, girlfriend)
8. Do I reflect certain things from my parents? (hair color, eye color, attitude, perspective of things, courage)
9. What do I represent to this world? (as student, citizen, person, culture, gender)
10. Why do I make myself feel like am not worth it? (looks, personality, style, nationality, environment)

Questions about world

1. Is knowing everything make you smart? (political, history, life, socially, nature)
2. Is going through struggles in life the only way to have lesson learns? (life, relationships, childhood, teenage, adult hood)
3. Why can’t people just get along and treat each other right? (race, jealously, nationalism, bully, sexual rights)
4. Is having that one person support you by your side important? Do you always need them? (caring, respectful, loving, support, Family)
5. What is the difference between being love and loving someone? (sex Love, making love, family love, friend love, self love)
6. Is there ever a true answer or an answer to anything? (unknown, questionable, debatable, discussion, unreliable)
7. Why is lying so easy than being honest? ( fear, have no trust, not self confident, reason, worried)
8. How is the world going to end? (destruction, flood, tsunami, humanity extinction, no oxygen)
9. What is considered to be perfect in this world? (looks, personality, knowledge, economy, socially)
10. Having no education can change people worlds? (low class people, no jobs, no money, no professionals, no information)

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