Violent Crime

Sep 6, 2015
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Will you: 

Read, annotate and write responses to articles about violent crime.

Read, annotate and write responses to articles about violent crime.

Please annotate this article, and be sure to answer the questions below and in COMPLETE SENTENCES based on the non-fiction article “Steady Decline in Violent Crime” by Richard A. Oppel, Jr.

1. What has happened to the rate of violent crime in the last year? WHY does the article suggest was this statistic surprised many people?

2. Do your FEELINGS about how much violent crime there has been match what the statistics are telling us? Explain by comparing your feelings to the hard numbers.

3. When was the time of the highest violent crime rate? How is the rate different now from then?

4. How much did the rate drop in towns with populations under 10,000?

5. Which city did NOT experience a drop in the violent crime rate? What happened to that city’s violent crime rate? Be specific.

6. What was the reaction of Criminologists? What question do they raise? Why would they ask this question? In theory, couldn’t the violent crime rate be brought down to 0? What does James Allan Fox say about this? What the heck does he mean?

7. In the paragraph that begins, “There is no immediate consensus to explain the drop” what does it mean when it says that the numbers and the theory collide?

8. How much did violent crimes increase in New York City?

9. What does Michael Jacobson say about New York City and the statistic?

10. What theory does Frank E. Zimring call into question?

11. In the paragraph that begins “As a percentage of the people . . .” what surprising relationship is mentioned?

Personal Reaction Responses

What do you think is the main thing you take away after reading and thinking about this article?

Write 3 Questions (real questions) that come to mind about specific parts of this article

Does this mean we are solving problems? Explain