Why People Should Care about My Question

May 24, 2016
Image for issue at Youth Voices

Will you: 

Do some "pre-research" reading, then post a discussion that explains why people should care... Add 5+ keywords and a CC image.

Let's start by doing some pre-research.

Use this template.

After you've done some "pre-research" reading, create a Discussion that explains, "Why People Should Care about My Question."

Make your title a question that includes your topic, add at least five keywords to identify some of your subtopics. (See these guides for help with your subtopics and questioins: subtopic questions.pdf and subtopic headings.pdf.) Also, attach a Creative Commons image, being sure to cite the photographer.

Respond to each question below with a short, but well-thought-out, paragraph. Be as specific as possible for the audience who will be reading your posting. Your Discussion Post should have a total of five paragraphs.

    • What is the general topic you are interested in?
    • Why are you personally interested in this topic?
    • What new information did you find out in the pre-research process? How did finding, or not finding, any new information affect your decision to continue researching this topic?
    • How is this topic an issue of unfairness? Who is being treated unfairly?
    • Why should people care about this topic at all?

Work you will have: 

  1. A link to a Google Doc that lists three articles connected to your research topic with the title and a one-paragraph summary of each one in your own words.
  2. A link to a discussion post with a Creative Commons image and five keywords, in which you make clear:
    • The general topic you are interested in, and why you are personally interested.
    • Any new information you found out in the pre-research process.
    • How this topic is an issue of unfairness, highlighting who is being treated unfairly.
    • Reasons for why people should care about this topic at all.