Responding to Another Person’s Work of Art

May 20, 2015
Guide types

Dear _______________,

I am ____________________ (by/about/for) your __________________ 
(video/painting/drawing/photograph/collage/work of art/music...), called "_________," 

One part of your ___________ (video/artwork/song,etc.) that stands out for me is 
where  ________________________ (Describe a part of the video/art/song,etc).  
I think this is __________ because________.

Another part that I enjoyed is where ___________________. This stood out for me 

Your ________ (video/painting/drawing,etc.) reminds me of something that I made 
once. One time ___________.

Thanks for your ____________ (video/art/drawing,etc.) I look forward to seeing what 
you make next, because _______.

Best wishes with your art,
__________________________ (your name)



(Download a Word version of this guide here.)